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Healthy Aging for Women

Women face different issues with aging than men. It is important to consider the implications of these differences on strategies to reduce disease risk as we age. This workshop will focus on female-specific...

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Dr. Sara Witkowski Comments Off on Dr. Sara Witkowski

Dr. Sara Witkowski

Dr. Sarah Witkowski is an assistant professor and director of the Molecular and Cardiovascular Physiology Laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She received...

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Supporting Pelvic Health As We Age

Muscles contained in the pelvic floor are responsible for control of urination/defecation/sexual health/support of our organs and a large component of core stability. If they are weak or in spasm they can...

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Heart of the Valley Chorus Comments Off on Heart of the Valley Chorus

Heart of the Valley Chorus

Heart of the Valley Chorus A Chapter of Sweet Adelines International Intergenerational singing group performing a cappella four-part harmony music. Heart of the Valley Chorus performs live throughout the...

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